Case Studies

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Custom Web&Mobile

TestBuddy: Getting the most out of the exploratory testing sessions

Helping testers to get the maximum out of exploratory sessions with a handy noting tool where one can format, timestamp, share, and debrief documents
Custom Web&Mobile

MNASSA: Building a networking platform for professionals in Saudi Arabia

A platform for businesses and entrepreneurs that helps to grow their professional networks, facilitate business cooperation and communication.
Custom Web&Mobile

UPSALES: CRM and marketing automation solution for smartphones

Enhancing a CRM system with mobile applications that fully replicate its web-based analogue functionality and boosts companies’ growth.
Custom Web&Mobile Enhancing the jewelry marketplace performance

Web and Mobile application for global online jewelry retailer.
Custom Web&Mobile

eSports Recommendation System: Boosting gaming and social experience

Boosting gaming and social experience in eSports platforms with constantly improving ML-backed recommendation systems.