Case Studies

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eLearning & Education

CheatsOut - ML/AI-based proctoring software

An application for detecting cheating during assessments in exams, tests, interviews, etc.
eLearning & Education

Lingua Medicus: a language-learning platform

Lingua Medicus is a modern learning platform designed for healthcare professionals worldwide.
eLearning & Education

Teleplay: Innovative gameplay for children enhanced by machine learning

ML-powered educational app integrates traditional toys in the learning processes for children aged 5+.
eLearning & Education

MATR: Helping kids to succeed in math and SAT WEB

Helping children succeed in math and SAT through eLearning platform providing one-on-one training sessions
eLearning & Education

WholeReader: English learning ebook with reading and listening practice

An ebook solution for English language learners that combines the practice of reading and listening comprehension.
eLearning & Education

Edyo: Comprehensive Solution for Online Education

AI-powered online education platform that replicates the offline learning experience, delivering immersive virtual education services.