Facial Recognition System: Identification of individuals in real time

Customizable web-based security monitoring: Identify unwelcome individuals and identify VIP guests across industries.

Facial Recognition System: Identification of individuals in real timeFacial Recognition System: Identification of individuals in real time
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Project overview

The client has approached us with an idea to develop a system that could ensure a proper level of security in a variety of fields, from local commercial organizations to international projects.

The key was to identify personas non-grata as well as distinguishing frequent visitors and the high-ranking guests.


SOLVVE developed a customizable web-based system that enables integration with surveillance systems for facial recognition and comparing the finding with a predefined list of personalities.

It is also compatible with Android- and iOS-based smart devices. In specific cases, the system can contact necessary institutions for follow-up actions on a situation. All of it happens in real time.


  • Processing both live streams and stored images.
  • Highly scalable and can be applied on a large-scale projects and events.
  • High-efficiency in capturing information from multiple feeds.
  • Possibility to extract and compare to a database thousands captured images in a minute.
  • Real-time detection of individuals.
  • Matching findings with the follow-up actions and triggering these actions.
Facial Recognition System: Identification of individuals in real time

Project results

  1. The highest matching results from any angle even for low-resolution images.
  2. Drastically dropping the risk of a security breach or fraud.
  3. Application at crime scenes alongside the fingerprints investigation.


.net 4.6.2, .net Core, C++, Xamarin, WCF, WPF, MVC, Angular, DirectShow, CUDA, OpenCV, nHibernate, Entity Framework, MsSql, Cassandra, Advanced Installer, Docker

What our great customers say

We prioritize driving our clients' business growth by leveraging technical expertise and business acumen.

“They’re very good at what they do.

The team delivered good results, producing a high-quality platform that is scalable, and they may work on expanding the product to new regions. They are skilled in development but lack good resources in project management.


Gaming Company, Saudi Arabia

“It’s been a great experience for us.

Since engaging with SOLVVE, the client has now streamlined and corrected their processes through a platform that meets their needs. They lead a communicative approach to work closely with the team for constant reports and summaries on the project. The client also praises their competitive pricing.


Stone+Lain, Сanada

“We’re 100% satisfied with their services.

Since partnering with SOLVVE, network downtime and technical issues have been minimized, much to the delight of internal stakeholders. The team performs well from a project management standpoint.

Avraham Gniwisch,

Healthy Longevity Cafe, Czech Republic

“They really care about making the app better.

SOLVVE successfully delivers all the promised deliverables on time and within the discussed budget. They communicate timelines and costs very clearly via Zoom, ensuring an effective workflow.

Chad Jones,

Firm Foundation Academy, USA

“The team is great when it comes to complex development tasks.

SOLVVE’s turnaround times have also been greatly commended. Thanks to their work, the company now has more time to generate business. Their project management has also been excellent, and they provide unique ideas to the firm.


Manufacturing Company, New York, USA
Healthy Longevity Cafe

“SOLVVE works quickly and communicates seamlessly with our team.

Thanks to the SOLVVE team, the client can now track and manage customers, inventory, and user data more efficiently. The client appreciated how the vendor provided quick and clear communication and timely fixes.

Executive Assistantto CEO,

Healthy Longevity Cafe, Czech Republic

“They delivered on time, assessed needs, and found solutions if none was apparent.

SOLVVE delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations. They communicated frequently and promptly via email and virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow.


Terrae Voluntas, Texas, USA